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How to Humanize Your Online Class


Humanized learning increases the relevance of content and improves students’ motivation to log-in week-after-week. When students relate to an online instructor as something more than a subject matter expert and begin to conceive of themselves as part of a larger community, they are more likely to be motivated, be satisfied with their learning, and succeed in achieving the course objectives (Picciano, 2002; Rovai & Barnum, 2003; Richardson & Swan, 2003).


10 Creative Ways to Use Your iPad in the Classroom


If you’ve had an iPad (or several) in your classroom for any extended period of time, you’re probably familiar with the many practical ways this technology can be used as a central hub for learning. You know all about storing materials in iCloud, and collaborating via Google Drive. You know about the main apps you’ll need to run a classroom, as well as the best apps for World History, English and Math.

But these applications are just the very beginning. You can hack your iPad into any number of instruments, or use its current apps and capabilities in unexpected ways to encourage learning. Here are our top 10 favorite creative uses for iPads in the classroom.

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TPACK Newsletter, Issue #20: May 2014


TPACK Newsletter 20

TPACK Newsletter, Issue #17: September 2013


TPACK Newsletter, Issue #17: September 2013

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of the (approximately bimonthly) TPACK Newsletter! TPACK work is continuing worldwide. This document contains recent updates to that work that we hope will be interesting and useful to you, our subscribers.

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Gratuitous Quote About Technology

“New technology is common; new thinking is rare.”
– Sir Peter Blake

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How Technology Has Transformed the Classroom (Infographic)


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«Parents are famous for their ability to reminisce about days gone by. It always starts the same way, “Back when I was your age, we used to walk 10 miles to school barefoot—in the snow.” Or, “I remember when school lunch cost a nickel.”

Thanks to the integration of technology, schools, and classrooms in particular, have changed so dramatically in recent years that some parents might not even recognize them. It’s a classic case of old school versus new school.»

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90 iPad Apps Teachers should Try This School Year ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


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Top 100 Apps for Teachers, Students and Researchers


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