How-To prepare for giving a quality course

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What’s our role as Teachers, Educators, Instructors?

The roles ofTeachers, Educators and Instructors are the following and especially in networked learning environments:

  1. First of ALL: being BEST informed about 21st Century Education, a MUST! I precise!!! Your Professional Development MUST be up-to-date!
  2. Motivating the learners to learn
  3. Amplifying the learned
  4. Learning to learn, meaning: teaching that way that learners are being able to learn without a teacher (in the future, after school)
  5. Educating the learners to get competencies
  6. Amplifying the creativity of the learners. The world needs creative thinking people!
  7. Preparing the learners to get used to the 21st Century tools and to use them well; such as: Social Media, Office programs, Blogging
  8. Give the learners and yourself a challenge, challenges are great to achieve very difficult goals…
  9. Bring in some psychological tricks from marketing to make your learners curious about a certain topic
  10. Learning about the psychology of the sale and marketing would be a big profit for teachers and  learners! Check also
  11. Sell your product, that’s your to learn Topic for the learners. Be a good salesman!
  12. Educating the learners to Internet-Safety and to the basics of IT-Security is becoming a Must in 21st Century as we use e-Learning and “Bring Your Own Device” (Hashtag for Twitter = #BYOD)!
  13. We should educate the learners to become good e-Citizen, Digital Citizen
  14. We as Teachers, Educators and Instructors need to have latest updated 21st Century knowledge in Education and with Education Tools! Our Professional Development (PD) is very important to achieve the daily tasks! Check Twitter to know more about (lots of discussions…)!/search/Professional%20Development%20(PD)?q=Professional+Development+%28PD%29
  15. Trying to become a perfectionist to bring over best results, investing 300% of personal work to make sure to get out at least 80%…
  16. What Makes a Master Teacher
  17. What is a 21st century teacher?
  18. Be prepared for Connected Learning

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