Technology Doesn’t Teach, Teachers Teach

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No matter how far we evolve from the little red schoolhouse, we cannot afford to sacrifice the foundation of education that is built upon the unique relationship between teacher and student.

Education is undergoing a «seismic change» as more and more digital devices enter the classroom. This article looks at the digital devices and at the teacher, stating «the motherboard and the memory chip will never replace the passion and inspiration of a real-life teacher.»

The article points out that for new technology to work teachers must be trained effectively in the new technology. Information on the replacement of traditional textbooks with digital textbooks is also discussed. Two school districts are mentioned that saw significant improvement with state testing scores (in specific subjects) with the introducation of digital textbooks.

Based on the information presented it is clear that for digital content to work well teachers must be trained. Without the training the achievment gap will not be impacted. For more information click through to the article.

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