Tablet devices in schools – Μήπως ήρθε η ώρα για tablets στα σχολεία;

Following a successful implementation of the Educational Netbook Pilot, Acer and European Schoolnet are carrying out a new pilot study on the use of tablet devices to enhance teaching and learning practices.

The Tablet Pilot explores further the use of new technologies in schools and the emerging trend of one-to-one (1:1) pedagogy based on the experience gained from the Netbook Pilot. Tablets are a new category of mobile computers that can offer different benefits to teachers and learners. Easy to use thanks to the multi-touch screen, tablets are optimized for basic activities, such as browsing and reading content, surfing the Internet, drawing or writing using fingers. Due to this tablets can be ideal as mobile learning devices for young learners.


The objectives of the Tablet Pilot are:

  • To identify good practices on the use of tablets at school from eight countries.
  • To provide examples of scenarios for new schools considering implementing this technology, e.g. including recommendations for lower and upper secondary schools.
  • To examine key factors for successful integration of ICT in schools.


The pilot activities are carried out in eight European countries: Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

A total of 400 tablets are distributed to teachers and pupils. The pilot will observe the teachers’ innovative pedagogical use of tablets through 244 teachers in 62 different schools that will receive the device. In addition to this, five classes with about 150 pupils in total will be given tablets to explore pupils’ use of tablets.
The pilot started in November 2011 and will end in June 2012. The final evaluation report will be available in September 2012.


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